Umrah Visa validity Reduced

 Saudi Arabia has re-determined the 90 days validity of the visa for Umrah pilgrims.

Umrah Visa validity Reduced

 Saudi Arabia has reduced the validty of umra visa from 90 days.

 It is now arranged in such a way that the visa duration gets shorter as Ramadan approaches.  It should be understood from this that Umrah pilgrims must have returned to their home countries before the expiry of the period, said Nooral Hasan, Managing Director of Moulavi Travels.

 Every Umrah traveler must check the validity of their visa and leave Saudi Arabia before the expiry date.For example, 70 days for those who got visa on 08-01-2023 and 69 days for those who got visa on 09-01-2023.  Otherwise you may have to pay the penalty or fine for over staying the country.

 Now the visa duration is recorded by counting Ramadan.  Visa validity is calculated from the date of commencement of travel.
He also reminds that those who have arrived in Saudi Arabia should pay special attention to their visa period and all passengers and agents should take special note of this matter.