Online Learning; A Snakes and Ladders Game. Article by: Raina Jose

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Online Learning; A Snakes and Ladders Game.  Article by:  Raina Jose

Snakes and ladders is a game with full of traps and tricks. Snakes will take you down while ladders will take you up. This game stands as a motif when connected to one's life and shows various morality lessons. For instance one player's progression up the board represents a life journey complicated by virtues (ladders) and vices (snakes). If one moves through the ladders avoiding the snakes definitely he or she reaches heights leading a successful life.

        We are living amidst of a technological world, where we come across various snakes and ladders. On the onset of covid 19, the world was stunned for a while thinking how the future world might be. But the technological advancements in every field have helped the world to survive forward. This was seen most evidently in the field of education. Various online platforms like Google meet, Zoom, Teachmint etc. have helped us in imparting education for the children. These platforms were a boon both for education departments and teachers to continue education when the world was startled by the spread of coronavirus. Thus we successfully defeated the virus and made the teaching - learning process live. Even though the online learning helped the education system keep the momentum live it had various drawbacks too. Like the snakes which swallow the moves the online learning has also swallowed the little minds to games and other vicious things. The implantation of students from school atmosphere to online had brought various drastic effects in children.

    Online learning is a snakes and ladders board where we can see various snakes and ladders waiting to enrich us and swallow us respectively. Like the traps in the board online platforms also produce various traps to the children.

Ladders in online learning

       Covid 19 pandemic has brought various new terms into our daily life. In education field too we can see such new terminology. One among them is “new normal.” The new normal in education means the increased use of online learning tools. To continue with the process of imparting education for students, educational institutions all around the world have adopted 


Article by:

Raina Jose

St. Aloysius Institute of Education