Being a Woman: A Curse or a blessing; Author: Vinisha K K

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Being a Woman: A Curse or a blessing; Author: Vinisha K K

Being a Woman: A Curse or a blessing


In our still-struggling democracy, people have lived with great hardship: retired people and young people, men and women.No one is having an easy time, but i can say the worst for women, as they only seemingly and on paper have the same rights as men. Female children are commonly advised to be silent and endure whatever comes upon them. Everything that was wrong and done by a man was excused with "he is just a man".

Women often put themselves in a neglected position.Also granddaughters would often hear,"listen to your husband,".Whatever is happening around is not fair

Women have the so-called multitasking ability and are capable of doing various things at the same time. But most of the women are denied the opportunity to show their abilities. Some claim that women are mean to be mothers and housewives. During job interviews young women are usually advised to not plan on having children.

Crucial changes and reform are needed in society and at all government levels. It is necessary to fight for equal job opportunities and working conditions. It is not possible to improve the situation. But each one can try.Whom we should blame for this ?Women itself or Men.The thoughts of the people should be changed first. Every women should take a stand for her in the society.And every men should support her and should think that she is actually a blessing.

Malala Yousafzai, a Nobel prize winner, who risked her life fighting for girls' access to education, should be an example for all of us. Women are actually blessing for our nation.

Author: Mrs.Vinisha K K

College:St Aloysius Institute of Education, Mangaluru